Standard Moves


Punching (Mahd)

In Thai

Elbow (Sawk)

In Thai

Straight punch

Mahd Dtrong

Cross elbow

Sawk Dtahd

Hook (close range)

Mahd Kohng

Cutting elbow

Sawk Dtee

Hook (mid range)

Mahd Dhwat

Uppercut elbow

Sawk Ngahd

Uppercut (close range)

Mahd Nat

Axe elbow (chop)

Sawk Sahb

Uppercut (mid to long range)

Mahd Suhy

Spear elbow

Sawk Pung

Swing punch (Haymaker)

Mahd Kwahng

Reverse elbow

Sawk Glahb

Double punch

Mahd Coo

Lever elbow

Sawk Grahtung


Mahd Phasom

Double elbow

Sawk Coo

Knee (Khaow)


Front kick(Teeb)

Round Kick (Dteh)


Straight knee

Khaow Dtrong

Side angle kick

Dteh Chieng

Slant knee

Khaow Chiang

Cut round kick

Dteh Dtahd

Cutting knee

Khaow Dtahd

Whipping round kick

Dteh Dtahwahd

Flying knee

Khaow Loy

Front thrust

Teeb Dtrong

Knee hit

Khaow Dtee

Side thrust

Teeb Khaang

Half knee & half shin

Khaow La

Rear thrust kick

Teeb Glahb Lang

Movement & Stepping


Blocking & Defence


On Guard

Kum Chuhng

Palm block

Kward Marn

Short step move


Zig zag movement

Salab Fun Pla

Tiger Stalking

Seua Yang



Horse trotting

Mah Yawng



3 step walk

Yang Sam Kum



2 stride walk

Yang Suk Gasem





Jamnuan (Numbers)

Counting from 0 to 10 in Thai. Counting in Thai is really simple. All you have to do is to remember the basic numbers from 0 to 10.

0 - suun
1 - nung
2 - soong
3 - saam
4 - sii
5 - haa
6 - hok
7 - jet
8 - bpeet
9 - gaao
10 - sip

How to count above 10 in Thai...

To count above 10, simply add how many sip (10) and the next corresponding number. Since sip itself is already 10, you can just omit the nung (sip-et instead of nung sip-et).

For example, 11 would be sip-et, 12 would be sip soong and 15 would be sip haa. Notice that 11 is sip-et instead of sip-nung. This is the only exception to counting in Thai.

11 - sip-et
12 - sip soong
13 - sip saam
20 - yii sip
21 - yii sip et
25 - yii sip haa
30 - saamsip
31 - saamsip et
36 - saamsiphok
40 - sii sip
49 - sii sipgaoo
50 - haa-sip
60 - hok-sip
70 - jet-sip
80 - bpeet-sip
90 - gaao-sip

To count in 100, simply add how many rooi after the number. For example, 100 would be nung rooi and 111 would be nung rooi, sip-et. 999 would be gaao rooi, gaao-sip, gaao.