1.     All practitioners must be fully paid up members of the ITAC and have the relevant insurance cover. Membership & insurance should be renewed every year.

2.     All practitioners of the ITAC who are members of the ITAC must follow the rules & regulation which they have laid down.

3.     All ITAC practitioners should endeavor at all times & all places to show discipline and respect to Senior / Instructors / Masters / Grand Masters.
Also, they must not bring the name of ITAC & their Martial Art into disrepute.

4.     Practitioners involved in grading should make sure that Instructors send their result to the National Office, so they can be included on to the computer data base.

5.     Grading and seminars will only be recognized when they are stamped or have the seal or stamp of approval on the relevant page.

6.     Practitioners must make every effort to practice & train safely with the ITAC safety equipment, making sure not to cause unnecessary harm or injury to training partners, or likewise, to opponents during competitions.

7.     Bad behavior or misconduct will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the termination of license. The ITAC cannot be held responsible for any problems or mistakes that may occur during training classes or tournaments due to the negligence of any person not following the ITAC Guidelines, Rules & Regulations.

8.     Students: Read And Sign Separate Student Membership Agreement Form
Newly Qualified Instructors (level 4):
Read And Sign ITAC Newly Qualified Instructor Regulations
Coaches / Instructors / Martial Art Clubs:
Read and Sign Our Terms And Conditions For MuayThai Instructors / Martial Arts Clubs With
The Institute Of Thai Arts And Culture.